No Membership Necessary

We have been led by the Lord to be in a covenant relationship with our fellow believers without the formalities of membership.  It is not necessary to have a letter from another church to belong to this fellowship; only the acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and a conference with our Senior Pastor.

Our Constitution and Bylaws state:


A person is eligible for a covenant relationship in this fellowship who gives evidence of his/her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who voluntarily subscribes to the Statement of Fundamental Truths (which encompasses everything in the Tenets of Faith, Statement of Faith and Code of Doctrine and Discipline) and who reads and agrees to be governed by the constitution and bylaws of this church as herein set forth.

 A Fellowship After God’s Own Heart, Inc. is a fellowship of believers participating in the labors of the Holy Spirit in this community.  An individual seeking to enter into a covenant relationship with the body is welcome.

A Fellowship After God’s Own Heart, Inc. subscribes to a nonvoting covenant relationship.  In any growing congregation, there will be people at all stages of spiritual growth and maturity.  For that reason, it is not proper to submit the affairs of the church to a democratic vote as the same is not God’s way, for the purpose of the church is not to do the will of the majority, but the will of God.

Please click to download full copy of our Constitution and Bylaws Please click to download a full copy of our Code of Doctrine and Discipline. Please click to download a full copy of our Tenets of Faith.