Form of Worship

We are a balanced, nonaffiliated, Spirit-controlled fellowship.   There are many unchurched people in this area that are searching for a place where they feel loved and accepted and are free to worship in Spirit and in Truth.  Worship includes singing, clapping of hands and raising of arms, believing that worship is a lifestyle and that every Godly thing we do is an act of worship.  We also believe that our time of worship is holy and is ordered by the Lord and should be balanced.  Therefore, we will discourage any type of spiritual exhibitionism, over-the-top behavior, for these actions draw attention to the individual and away from the Holy Spirit.   The Lord instructed us to call the ministry A Fellowship After God’s Own Heart.  King David of Israel is described in Acts 13:22 as “a man after [God’s] own heart.”  Our name suggests a two-fold meaning: like David and pursuing God.

Fellowship in Christ, a necessary ingredient, has become fallow in today’s world.  The vision was to begin each service with an extended time for people to get to know each other, with the expectation for people to connect with each other in a personal way.  To know and be known by others is a key to a church’s ability to function as a real community.

We incorporate Worship in song with each service subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit, with the intent to flow in the following way: the goal is to sing songs that help us connect and focus on the Lord.  In other words, we want this time to help us get to know God in a real way.  Our desire is for the Lord to respond to our time of worship by manifesting His Holy Spirit into the place where we are, so people can sense the nearness of God.  We would like the worship to “make sense” to those who are outside the faith.  In other words, we want people who are not yet followers of Jesus to have some sort of connection with the words we are singing.  We will start with more upbeat songs that are a response to God’s greatness and our joy offering a true spirit of thanksgiving.   From there, we will transition into a time of slower songs that are more of a response to our desire for intimacy with God.

We are a praying church, expecting the miraculous from a living God who loves us and wishes for all of His people to have a heart after Him.